NimbusDDOS Attack Simulation Platform

NimbusDDOS Attack Platform

NimbusDDOS Attack Platform

JNS is happy to announce the spin-off of our DDoS attack platform service offering.  The new service offering is a consolidated offering of a service previously only available as a professional services engagement.  Details of the new service can be found at

Feature Overview

  • 8 Standard DDOS attacks
  • Cloud-based attack platform is geographically diverse
  • Cloud-based attack platform for scalability
  • Integrated performance testing of target system
  • Standard attacks with volume up to 20Gbps
  • Custom attacks in excess of 100Gbps
  • On-shore DDoS Experts

Why Perform DDoS Testing?

  • Financial losses due to service unavailability
  • Test/train technical staff in DDoS response
  • Validate that existing DDoS mitigation strategy is functioning
  • Assess performance impact of low-grade DDoS attacks
  • Network load-testing
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