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JNS provides “white glove” consulting services for businesses looking to transform their live-site operations or IT organization.  With an average of over 15 years industry experience, the JNS team has the experience and expertise to assist your business in adapting to the ever-changing information technology landscape.  JNS offers all levels of IT and operations consulting, with resources available for both time and material (T&M) project work, as well as short and long-term contracts on a full or part-time basis.

JNS has a full offering of Information Technology and Live-Site Operations services.  Each member of the JNS team has specific, expert level knowledge, to tackle even the most challenging project.  Some example projects include:

  • DevOps Style Integration and Architecting
  • Linux Systems Administration
  • Network Architecting, Implementation, and Troubleshooting
  • Datacenter Audits, Buildouts, and Moves
  • Outsourced CIO services
  • Outsourced NOC
  • System and Network Monitoring and Trending
  • Network and System Security (Penetration Testing, DDoS Mitigation, Audit)
  • Experience with growing Massive Scale Consumer Websites
  • Java Development
  • Website design
  • Windows/Mac end-user support
  • Outsourced helpdesk
  • Technology recruiting

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